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Hamar woman in a Karo Village

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Photo de Jean Buet.  Hamar woman in a Karo Village  : Africa, Kara, Karo, afrique, body painting, ethiopia, ethiopie, hamar, hamer, make up, making up, maquillage, peinture corporelle, portrait
40 mm 1/250 seconde(s) F:4 100 ISO
Ethiopie Omo Valley 03/2010

This Hamar woman married a Kara man and lives in his village. Hamar women spread a mixture of butter and ochre on their bodies.

Mardi 26 Avril 2011 à 2:50:17  

This is such a great picture. I was recently doing a report on the Hamar tribe, and I think this is a really great picture that captures a lot of the emotion of the Hamar.

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